Juice Boone | Awaken Appalachia
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Awaken Appalachia

This yoga detox program is designed to create better health and relaxation. It is especially designed for those who want to feel:

  • more energized
  • struggle with weight problems
  • need help kicking bad habits
  • want to eliminate toxins
  • or simply wish to feel less stressed!

The goal is to save 80% of the bodies metabolic energy (now used for digesting cooked food) and use it to promote healing in the mind, body, and spirit. This can only happen by consuming a low fiber diet of freshly extracted RAW & unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices. The juices we provide are made of only the purest, organic, and bio diverse produce available. The micro and phytonutrients you need are trapped in the cell walls of the fruits and vegetables, our 10,000 lb hydrolic press, cold presses, extracts, and preserves all of the enzymes, thus yielding a 5 times more nutrient dense juice. When this juice is delivered directly to the blood stream, the body uses the law of diffusion to release toxins and cleanse itself from the inside out!


Amongst these proven detox techniques daily fitness and hiking activities are scheduled. The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious and tense, those type of brain waves suppress your immune system. A pleasing natural environment reverses that.


This is your opportunity to reach optimal health–come and feel empowered!